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Regulatory & Compliance

The Firm also represents Skilled Nursing Facilities, Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Physicians, Nurses and Ancillary Services in administrative actions involving the Department of Public Health, Department of Social Services, Medical and Nursing Boards, Attorney General and local Police Agencies. This includes immediate on-site investigation, representation of facility staff, and intervention when confronted by a State or Local Agency investigation.


The Firm further regularly acts as a resource center for facilities in responding to crisis situations involving patients, families and administrative actions, particularly in assisting the various facilities with questions and problem-solving. This includes answering calls as a crisis or resource hotline. We have initiated guardianships, conservatorships, collection actions, debt structuring, payment options, intervened with State Agencies, Injunctions and a myriad of other matters that come up with administering the various facilities.