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Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

The Firm has handled thousands of cases involving Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Physicians, Nurses and Ancillary Services ranging from simple negligence to complicated allegations of Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse, Wrongful Death, Bill of Rights Violations and Consumer Legal Remedies actions. These cases run the gamut of ailments and afflictions pertaining to the elderly and dependent adults including all types of intentional torts. The Firm regularly contributes to scholarly publications, has written seminar materials and taught seminars to industry professionals, attorneys, insurance carriers, and directly to the staff of skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and all healthcare providers.


The Firm has thorough knowledge of California and Nevada’s Elder Abuse and Dependent Adults Civil Protection Acts, case authority interpreting those sections, Title 17 & 22 of the California Code of Regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations.


The Firm has been highly successful in enforcing Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) agreements, along with removing matters to federal court and forcing compliance with the Federal Arbitration Act.


The Firm has been extremely successful in the representation of its health care clients’ interests. This stems from not only the firm’s extensive knowledge of the relevant law, but also our thorough investigation and medical knowledge.


The Firm is familiar with all of the major plaintiffs’ firms practicing in this area, including the major national firms. We have litigated hundreds of cases in California, New York and Nevada and have consulted on several others nationwide. We have been successful in stopping plaintiffs’ efforts to obtain punitive damages and expansive discovery including apex depositions. By this, we have forced plaintiffs to capitulate and obtained reasonable settlements in institutional cases that otherwise would have resulted in large verdicts. We have also been successful in extricating our clients from either the entire lawsuit or the Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse cause of action through summary judgment/adjudication.


Though our interaction with many of the top plaintiffs’ firms we are familiar with their model and have developed defenses to counteract it.


We have been in the forefront of Elder Abuse/ Dependent Adult litigation before it became the vogue tort of the day. We are proactive in this field and know the law, emerging theories and created the defenses particular to this unique aspect of practice. We have tried Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse cases and have successfully mediated many others.